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April 5, 2013
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Joansey The Cave Dweller by FrizzChan Joansey The Cave Dweller by FrizzChan

[x] P e r s o n a l D a t a[x]


[x] looks 19 March 20th old as dirt

[x] male

[x] Vampire-!

[x] Trainee - 0 points

What colour is it that your vampire drinks?:
[x] Purple

[x] 5 feet 6 inches

Current relationship:
[x]Life Partner: Open sexual preference
[x]Mother: Deceased. Biologist/Adventurer
[x]Father: Deceased. Adventurer
[x]Siblings: None
[x] Guardian: GodFather: Currently Missing...


Character Alignment:
[x] Chaotic Neutral: Type 4 are those who are .,overly cynical, and hold no allegiance to anyone and decide for themselves what is right or wrong, and whether or not they want to do anything about it. They are often the disillusioned types who once held onto an ideal or have lost their family or friends, and often belonged to a completely different alignment, but others were cynical from an early age, often (but not always) due to a bad childhood. They can be dragged into The Quest or bought for their services, and may battle the forces of evil if they come across them or they get in the way, but they lack conviction beyond basic self-interest, and if they still aspire to better themselves they are usually their own worst enemy. They are often loners, though they may have a handful of close family or friends, and tend to prize survival highly with wealth, luxury and power often being mainly (though not necessarily exclusively) a means of ensuring said-survival for good, assuming they are not self-destructive or suicidal. At their worst can be completely amoral and indifferent to other people getting hurt whether or not by their own hand, but they usually have the potential to still be good people.

[x]Applied: Because of Joanseys deep seeded need to survive- he has become a well prepared coward. lots of hideouts, spiderholes, 'food' cashes, ect.... if he shares any of this with you consider yourself lucky

[x] Personality: Joanesy is a bit of a smug twat. Always trying to sway others into making choices that will keep them alive longer... or ones that are environmentally better. Joanesy is a bit of a smooth talker when somethings of great need is within grasp... but on most occasions Joanesy's got quite the filthy mouth in'es old timey ways.
Character traits(s): Cowardly, anxious, two faced, smug, manipulative, filthy language, bit of a shut in
Character trope(s): ===

[x] B a c k g r o u n d C h e c k [x]

Biographical Background: Joansey is a bit unsure of his history--- You see, Joansey cannot actually remember his parents on his own- all he has are the stories that his godfather told him about their past shenanigans.
Long ago when you were still just a babe... Your parents and I were traveling deep in the jungles of Ooo when A gigantic bat attacked us-! Your father fought it off valiantly but refused to kill the beast. Instead he let it escape with it's life... this however proved to be a mistake; because every so often after that first encounter the beast would still attack our troupe. Your father- would never slay the beast, but instead would fight it to submission and try to persuade it otherwise. He was a kind man... too kind.

Eventually the beast successfully killed and devoured Joansey's father in a fight- leaving Mom and Jonsey pretty much defenseless. Joanseys Godfather stayed around as much as he could- but he wasn't able to always stay with them... One night the beast tracked down mom as she ran off with Joansey- She shielded him from most of the attacks but in the end the beast still got ahold of Joansey seems like this is what he was after 
and bit him in the face before his godfather could return to save...

After that Jonesey started to change slowly. It seems the bat was "cursed with something"... Jonesey struggled with the change at first but his Godfather helped him through it. He had been very accepting the whole time and had much insight about the subject... :I Together they spent years avoiding the beast that 'ate' his parents and changed him, always trying to stay one step ahead of it. 

Jonesey therefor lived a nomadic life- often borderlining survivalism with his Godfather. They were able to do this for quite awhile--- Godfather slowly became burn out and nervous nilly trying to stay away from the beast. 
Some nights Joansey remembers his Godfather would murmer 
"Even though this seems all for nought.... I'll try to keep you safe as long as possible... even though you're already in the belly of the beast"

Eventually one night when they were traveling the beast caught them off guard. Striking Joansey in the back of the head. The last thing he remembers was hearing his Godfather shout his name.

Later he wakes up in a cave, completely unscathed. His Godfather missing. Joansey remembered that many times on their journey. His Godfather and him would hole up in a safe place if things looked bad enough. With a sour taste in his mouth- he pulls himself together and makes his way through every nook and cranny of Ooo as he searches high and low for that perfect hiding spot- one that his Godfather might be holed up in somewhere...

and now we make it to current Joansey: explorer of lands and inspector of nooks

tl;dr Joansey cant remember his parents. They were slowly singled out and eaten by a vampire stuck in batform deep in the jungles of Ooo. Strangely his Godfather was never around when his parents needed aid. He would only be there after the incidents happened :I //pokerface// Joansey then grew up with his Godfather as they both traveled the land- trying to avoid being eaten- while at the same time navigate through Joanseys awkward 'change of life'. The Godfather being strangely accepting to his godson's descent into a vampire. With time however, 'the beast' eventually caught up with them. Joanesy was struck in the back of the head and blacked for the fight- and awoke in a dark cave with a strange taste in his mouth. His Godfather missing. Not a trace of him anywhere to be found. 

Fearing the worst while hoping for the best... Joansey still travels the land in hope to maybe find his Godfather.

[x] M i s c e l l a n e o u s I n f o [x]

Miscellaneous Information

Likes: ...sunlight- well he misses it even though it burns like the sweet dickens//holds out gloved hand//SOB//. exercise, green foliage, people who hoard stuff, or collectors, sharinging supplies.
Hates: SUNLIGHT, dumb people, reptiles... snakes especially 

[x] Tries to make environmentally conscious choices because of his parents- he idolizes them and their studies- or a tleast from the stories that dear Godfather told him. He tries to do right by them. Leaving the least amount of impact where he's been as possible
[x] bad with animals(gets bit a lot when exploring)
[x] dislikes reptiles-- but doesn't know that Shelldon(his backpack) is a reptile, he thinks its an amphibian //smacked
[o] Shelldon the turtle backpack- is literally just a turtle. Nothing too special. But Joansey uses it as a portable map of Ooo

[x] Joansey's luck has always been pretty rotten. you see the vamp bite marks are on his face.... :I
[x] Indiana Jones yo- exploring all the caves-! Parents named him after an old Indiana Jones VHS antique uvu
[x] is super afraid of dying. So much that he travels the land- searching out every nook and cranny for hiding places that him and his Godfather found... has developed into quite the explorer- that prefers caves(someonemakeazubatjokeplz) but will mt climb, snorkel, anything where he can escape off and be the only one around. 
[x] is a "prepper" / fond of survivalism 
[o] lays traps around him when he sleeps and sleeps upside down in a sleeping bag.
[x] sometimes gets caught in said traps... or tangled in his ropes on rare occasion

[x] will scream like a girl in 'life or death' situations ... and will blackout if scared wittless
[x] Technophobe- dislikes any form of technology, believes in down-to-earth-good-ness-- but still believes in science(?)
[x] Gets cold easily- will bundle up
[x] enjoys the smell of sunshine enjoys the scent of adventurers that've been adventuring.... or maybe its the smell of orange :I
[x] blacks out when hes really really scared or mad uvu
[x] secretly enjoys hearing adventurous style stories. but will correct you on where you made mistakes on escaping or smarter choices.
[x] "just how the sam hell do I levitate? theres something i need to turn on isnt there...UGH" uses rope instead //sob
[x] likes to roll around in the grass- he likes the scratchy ichy feeling; like a cat to cat nip it might turn him on if he rolls too much
[x] is fond of swearing- but old timey swears
[x] prefers to drink the color purple, most of the time out of geodes rocks... thus why his cave is full of clear geodes-!(maddmouse)
[x] REALLY dosent like it when people come to his house to rip out the geodes- but if he does fancy you a bit he will give you one... but " Rest assured... that this geode has fallen of natural causes-!"
[x] incessant fidgeter- feels the need to always be moving-! akways searching-!
[x] the color orange makes joansey's tummy upset--- and then he gets drunk ((maddmouse))
[x] If i had to choose one...Archeops

[x] M e a n i n g f u l Q u o t e s [x]

"you've got such a large carbon footprint for a dundering twit. UGH why can't you just stop breathing-!"
[x]"your killing all the grass with your gigantic arse "
[x]"shut your filthy mouth- you're wasting oxygen"
[x]"I guess if i ever die in some cave somewhere in the middle of bumfuck nowhere- at least some autotrophs can build a successful colony off my decaying carcass"/pokerface/ 
[x] How you've survived so far is incredible.... 
[x]"I live in a shack and I poop in an outhouse."kingofthehillquote

[x] R o l e p l a y D a t a b a s e [x]

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YunaKasune Featured By Owner May 3, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
First Impression: :icongawwplz: LET ME LOVE HIM.

After reading Bio': 8I .... What a dick.... *throws Chloe at him*
Dorkaruney Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2013
...your biography is amazing :iconholyshitohmygodplz: it's so coded and hgdskj
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FrizzChan Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2013  Student Digital Artist

//flings self off cliff//
the code's always such a bitch, but its so worth it in the end //sobs

:iconpapcryplz: such a warm welcome
Dorkaruney Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2013
hafdsg NO WAIT COME BACK :iconcomebackplz:
hkgjlads it looks amazing, mang :iconlazepoolplz: Whenever I try coding like that it ends up confusing me :iconrlytearplz:

Really, though! Welcome! :iconsupertighthugplz: Have you signed up for the skype chat yet? ouo
FrizzChan Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2013  Student Digital Artist
yes ive signed up for the skype chat, but maybe just the general chat? cause i know im in that room- but there never seems to be too much rping going on-

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Ahh, yeah ;u; the general chat is where people just derp around. You need to get into the rp chat, mang. What's your skype username? I'll add you there.
FrizzChan Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2013  Student Digital Artist
mamafrizzu ;o;
I will warn that im a tad bit shy in roleplaying at first, and very slow in the begining.
but i get comfortable with time ;o;
i just might lurk for a bit//sobcry
Dorkaruney Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2013
d'aaw ;u;
don't worry! it's okay! :iconsupertighthugplz: we'll probably just end up dragging you in though I'm sorry :iconpapcryplz:
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heheheheh thats perfectly fine uvu<3
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