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lex-ferenda : Alexius Ulixes by FrizzChan lex-ferenda : Alexius Ulixes by FrizzChan
editing layout sorry hehheee 


                                                                                                     []          P H Y S I C A L   I N F O R M A T I O N          []   

                                     [› N A M E :       Alexius Ulixes                 [ › A G E :      15 Years                                                          [] › H E I G H T :  161cm
                                    [› S E X :           Male                              [ › B I R T H D A Y:    February 19th, Aquarius             [] › W E I G H T :   57kg

                                                                                                      []         P E R S O N A L   I N F O R M A T I O N        []

    []   › H O U S E :
          ▴ Fourth Year, Gryffindor 

    []   ›PET:

          ▴ Cashew || Mouse || Female || Bred for Sassy Nature
             Cashew is the offspring of one of the many wild field mice found on the Ulixes Property. Shes quite mischievous and will steal anything that
             can fit in her cheeks. Shes a pudgy lil pickpocket who often hords off common household items in nests secluded around the common room.


              Aspen || Dragons HeartString || 9 inches

    []   ›SPELL LIST:

              Stupefy || Impedimenta || Finite || Lumos || Expelliarmus || Episkey || 


             Divination || Care of Magical Creatures // Hogwarts orchestra || Xylomancy 

                                                                                                     []         B I O G R A P H I C A L   I N F O R M A T I O N        []

    []   ›PERSONALITY:
             Honest || Abrasive || Loyal || Independent || Blunt || Easily Fixated || Lewd ||Meddlesome || Protective || Proud on the verge of Vain 
 Alexius or Alex for short can cut you down to his size with just a few words despite his short stature. He strongly believes from a young age that "honesty is the best policy and what goes around comes around". Because of that Alexius tries very hard to live by a certain set of moral standards. Hes honest-- brutally honest.  He doesn't see the point in lying to his peers, all it does is cushion the blows of the truth and leaves him with the mess to clean up. He tries to be true to himself as well as others. Hes honest about his feelings and will not hesitate to show you how he feels... and sometimes this can be misconstrued as perverse and forward.   Despite his independency- - Alex knows that because of the way he talks he comes off as blunt and abrasive, he knows that he could be nicer even though he chooses not to be- thus he's loyal to those who put up with him. He's quite protective over the ones that are close to him. He is a bit of a  backhanded meddlesome mother hen at times because he fixates onto things that go against his credence. Usually this isnt a problem unless he thinks you lying to yourself. Alex will often push, pull and prod at boundaries until they become frayed and exposed. All in all Alex enjoys the company of others but just cringes at dishonesty, whether to yourself or others

  []   ›HISTORY:

|| Before Birth||
  Nathan Ulixes and Caecilia Auguringus sit in a dimly lit room. Times are tough. Everyones Uneasy. Static clinging to the air in the city. Nathan's unsteady hands holding papers- naked of a signature. Fingers carefully hold a pen as if it was made of fragile glass. Hovering above the parchment- hesitating. When suddenly warmth, another hand gently clasping over his own. He feels the pen connect and looks up. Love of his life smiling back at him. Gingerly holding her free hand over her stomach. He smiles as all doubt erases itself momentarily and presses the pen into the parchment. Changing their lives forever. Going against his own instincts he signs away their house- in exchange for another...

|| After Birth||
   Far off in a secluded valley sits the speck of white that is the Ulixes household.  A little white and blue house with tattered paint and dull yellow shutters sits nestled into a hill surrounded by wheat. Far away from the hustle and bustle of the city Inside lives a family of 4. A family of pure... A mother who wished for nothing but the smell of sunshine and the breeze to carry her childrens laughter. A father who wanted nothing but happiness for his family. An a set of twins red as a robins breast. Hand in hand they would play, day and night never severing hands. 

                Their bright faces making everyday worth it.

|| Childhood ||
  Caecilia sits in the kitchen absentmindedly tending to her chores. When a pair of fragile hands grasp at her dress. Frills parting to reveal her pride and joy. Alexius and Alexia. They plead with her with sing song voices and she gives in. Two blurs of red bolting out the door, a voice calling from behind them to stay within earshot. Pitter patter of light footsteps can be heard echoing off the valley walls as the wheat parts to reveal a nested glittering jewel. The boy absent mindly wanders the edge- chasing the dragon flies as they dart into the reeds. Holding out a hand, he stays perfectly still- tempting them to land. His face lights up as one caresses his finger tip-- turning to his sister he begins to shout her name... before going silent. Along the surface of the water skimmed his sister- stepping further and further out without sinking. The young boy jealous began to shout angrily. 
Hearing the shouts their mother pokes her head out the door- only to see her daughter dangerously flirting with underage magic as her son wades waist deep into the lake after her. She shouts at Alexia- instantly trying to reprimand her. Only to clasp her hands over her  mouth realizing her mistake. Breaking her concentration Alexia sunk into the deepest part of the lake.
     Try as they might- neither Caecilia nor Alex were able to pull her to the surface before the damage was already done.
The service was beautiful. quaint and quiet. nothing like her. She had just begun to live briefly before being snatched away. No one blamed Alex, no one blamed Caecilia. No one was to blame. But it didn't stop Alex from becoming withdrawn. To think that breaking rules was harshly reprimanded. Whether it be done by forces of your control or not. It jarred him. Shook him to his core. He could never break the  rules. 
|| Adolescence ||
Growing up like that he never really caused a fuss... until he started learning more about the world around him and those who reside in  them. He saw people break rules, lie to each other, lie to themselves... and never suffer the consequences.  Thats when he decided that he  would be the consequence if nothing was. He got in fights a lot. Granted, most of them he didn't intend to end up in fisticuffs... but theres  only so long you can listen to someone banter about justice and honesty before you want to punch them in the face.
|| Arrival of Letter to Hogwarts ||
After countless nights of his mother wiping his cuts and threatening that 'by Dumbledore's spirit, that Alex would never receive a Hogwarts letter unless he cleaned his act up'...Until one foggy morning an owl came with the morning paper and daily mail, an extra letter hanging from its talons. Grabbing it he stole away into his room. Grinning to himself. He knew that he wouldn't be punished not for how he'd been fighting.

|| First Three Years ||
School started out great for Alex. He was ecstatic that he was sorted into Gryffindor, a house full of brave hearted peers. He didn't think that he'd have to fight for things alone anymore. He kept his nose to the grindstone and managed to scrape his way through classes each year. Alex isnt exactly a man of thought- he more of a boy of actions... //weeps// The first two years Alex had a hard time finding his niche--  He didn't think that he'd excel at anything until he started dueling. Since violence is such a no no at school-- Alex found that he could  challenge those who infuriated him to duels in a much more civilized way.

|| Fourth Year ||
        in progress.


    []   ›VOICE: (optional)

              honestly it sounds a bit whiny, just enough to get annoying over time uvu<3 ->…

    []   ›LIKES/DISLIKES: (optional)

              + Honesty
              + Sweets
              + Hand Crafts, things created without magic
              + Dueling, Arguing 

              - White Lies
              - Spicy food, or food that makes him sweat
              - Water

    []   ›FAMILY: (optional) 

                Nathan Ulixes: Father
                Caecilia Auguringus. : Mother
                Alexia Ulixes: Deceased Sister

 ugh such a k-pop drama history right there ahhahahhahaha //weeps// Im so sorry
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